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Want to know why your neighbors love shopping at Tracy Volkswagen? It’s because we’re your home to the FREE Lifetime Powertrain Warranty! It’s just one of the many perks you receive when buying your vehicle at our Volkswagen dealer!

Protection You Can Count On

It’s true! This is a free LIFETIME Powertrain Warranty that only expires when the Warranty Holder no longer owns the vehicle. * It may not be transferred or assigned. This is not a warranty from the manufacturer – this is a warranty paid for by us!

If you need maintenance or repairs, you are free to service your vehicle at any shop you choose. But if you want repairs with speed and quality, your best bet is at our state-of-the-art service center where we guarantee excellent service, record keeping, and ease of claims!

Need More Info?

Here’s what our Lifetime Powertrain Warranty covers:

  • Gasoline & Diesel Engines: This warranty covers all internal lubricated parts, engine block, cylinder heads, exhaust manifold, expansion plugs, harmonic balancer, intake manifold, mounts, oil pan (excluding drain plug related failures), rotary engine housing, timing belt/chain and tensioner, timing chain cover, valve covers, water pump, electric coolant pump, electric oil pump, diesel accessory vacuum pump, lift pump, injectors and injector pump, manufacturer installed turbocharger, bypass valves, blow-off valves, intercooler and waste gate, and manufacturer installed supercharger.
  • Automatic, Manual, CVT Transmissions and Transfer Case: This warranty covers all internal lubricated parts, metal cooler lines, mounts, throttle valve cable, torque convertor, flywheel/flexplate, transmission and transfer case housing, transmission cooler, oil pan, vacuum modulator, external and internal control unit, and automatic electronic clutches.
  • Drive Axle for Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, All wheel Drive, and Four Wheel Drive: This warranty covers all internal lubricated parts within the drive/transaxle assembly and housing, including axles and axle bearings, constant velocity joints, drive shaft support, differential cover, hub bearings, front hub locking assemblies, drive shaft, universal joints, and four wheel drive actuator.
  • Filters, Fluids, Lubricants, and Taxes: This warranty covers filters, fluids, lubricants and taxes required to complete a Covered Repair for any Covered Part listed above.
  • Seals and Gaskets: This warranty covers seals and gaskets for all Covered Parts listed above when subject to a Covered Repair.

If you have any more questions, a copy of the warranty is available for review at the dealership.

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Drive with peace of mind for life by shopping with us to get your free Lifetime Powertrain Warranty! Remember, this benefit is exclusive to Tracy Volkswagen – an advantage you’re unlikely to find anywhere else!

Don’t wait. Protect your next vehicle today at Tracy Volkswagen!

The following vehicles are ineligible: Commercial or business use vehicles, high cube vans or box bodies, cabs and chassis, and vehicles over one ton rating; vehicles used for the following purpose: snow plowing; vehicles that have a branded or salvaged title, have been designated a total loss, are rebuilt or have alterations not authorizes/specified by the manufacturer; vehicles equipped with V10 or V12 engines or CNG, hybrid, electric, or hydrogen/fuel cell components; vehicles not certified for sale in the United States or Canada, gray market vehicles, and vehicles equipped with right handed steering; any vehicle with a non-functioning odometer or an odometer that has been manipulated. Asian and Domestic-VW vehicles are eligible subject to the ineligible vehicle list below, and a MSRP limitation of $125,000.

Ineligible Vehicles: The following vehicle makes/models are ineligible: All European except VW; all hybrid/electric vehicle and CNG models; Acura NSX; Cadillac V-series; Chevrolet City express, Chevrolet Express, Corvette-(All) and Camaro ZL1 & Z28 model; Code; vehicles imported, manufactured, or assembled by China and India domiciled companies for distribution in the United States; Chrysler Hurst Edition and Prowler; Daewoo; Daihatsu; Dodge Challenger Demon, Dodge Hurst editions; Dodge Sprinter; Dodge Viper; Fisker; Ford E-Series; Transit, Transit Connect Van; Ford GT; Ford Mustang special editions (i.e. Foose, GT-H, Gt-KR, Saleen, Rousch, Shelby, GT350, GT500, Boss Models, SVT Models); GMC Savana; Honda Clarity; Hummer; Isuzu; kit cars; Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat; Lexus F-Series; Lexus LF-A, LF-LC; Mercedes Benz Metris Van, Nissan GT-R and NV Series; Oldsmobile; Ram SRT-10; Ram City Promaster, Ram Promaster and C/V Tradesman; Suzuki; Tesla; VW Phaeton; exotic brands including, but not limited to, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, McLaren, Panoz, Rolls Royce and Spyker. See Procedure Manual for additional eligibility details.

Vehicle Fitness and Maintenance Dealer Responsibilities: Dealer must service the engine and certify that it is in good working condition without fluid leaks, smoking or knocks. Dealer must change oil and filter on pre- owned vehicles. Any pre-existing conditions must be repaired prior to issuance of this warranty. Dealer Representative must sign Warranty Contract. Vehicle Owner Responsibilities: Vehicle owner must service the covered vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, replace leaking engine or coolant seals and gaskets that relate to the protection of the engine from lubricant loss and overheating, and retain all vehicle maintenance records. Vehicle’s oil and oil filter MUST be changed every three (3) months or 3,000 miles, whichever occurs first, or as recommended by manufacturer.