Why You Should Buy Pre-Owned At Tracy Volkswagen

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Why You Should Buy Pre-Owned At Tracy Volkswagen

Feast Your Eyes

There are multiple reasons why drivers choose to purchase a pre-owned vehicle and the reasons can include having a low budget or not wanting to spend a ton of money. Our used car dealership near Stockton, CA has an extensive inventory of both used and Certified Pre-Owned cars, trucks, and SUVs. Discover what we have to offer by visiting Tracy Volkswagen, and schedule a test drive today.

Huge Used Cars, Trucks & SUVs Selection

Finding the perfect choice for a used vehicle can be exhausting but when you come to Tracy Volkswagen, you’ll find an incredible selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs to choose from. Our vehicles have been hand-selected to ensure their quality and value. We carry pre-owned Volkswagen models, as well as models from other trusted manufacturers such as Kia, Ford, and Hyundai. You can find exactly what you’re looking for and whether it’s a commuting car or a large SUV to fit the whole family, we’ll have it. Visit our used car dealership near Stockton, CA for a test drive today.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles You Trust

If you’d like a new car feel offered at a pre-owned price, opt for one of our Certified Pre-Owned models. These are special vehicles that have been inspected by a certified technician to determine if the vehicle holds up to the manufacturer’s high standards. These inspections can go over 100 different points from under the hood to the condition of the upholstery inside. These Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are almost like purchasing a new vehicle without the new price. One great aspect of these vehicles is the added limited warranty, as well as other perks such as the 24-Hour Roadside Assistance and the 3-month subscription to SiriusXM radio. Browse through our inventory of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, and schedule a test drive today.

Finance Experts & Service Professionals

Buying a vehicle doesn’t just stop once you’ve found the perfect one. The next step is to speak with one of our knowledgeable financial experts about your available financing options. They can assist you in choosing the one that will fit your budget right. This step of the buying process can be daunting but there is no need to worry, our professionals are here to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Feel free to call our used car dealership near Stockton, CA to get started.

After you find the right finance option to purchase your vehicle, you can drive away happy. Every vehicle will require some sort of auto repair or maintenance down the road, and we have a fully-equipped service center to take care of any of those needs. Our team of highly skilled technicians will know your vehicle better than anyone else and will have your vehicle running in an efficient and timely manner. You can schedule your next auto repair services with us online today.

Car Shopping Made Simple

No matter if you’re on a tight budget or just don’t feel the need to pay a high price, we’ve got you covered at Tracy Volkswagen. Our selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs is unmatched, and we even offer our drivers an inventory of used vehicles for under $15K. Finding what you need is simple with our incredible team of sales associates and finance professionals. Browse our inventory online, or visit our showroom at our used car dealership today.

Find Convenient Car Repair Near Stockton

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Find Convenient Car Repair Near Stockton

Choose Tracy Volkswagen for Trustworthy Car Repair

Even with the most careful maintenance, you’re going to need repair services in order to keep your car running efficiently. If you live in the Stockton, CA, area, Tracy Volkswagen offers affordable and professional auto repair services. With service for many different makes and models, Tracy Volkswagen can help you keep your car, truck, van or SUV running its best. If you’re in need of auto repair near Stockton, give the Tracy Volkswagen service department a call for more information from our repair specialists.

Signs You Need Auto Repair Services

Most car owners can tell when something isn’t quite right in their car. Many types of car repairs begin with obvious signs like squeaking brakes or leaking oil. Sometimes the signs you need auto repair are more subtle. You may need to schedule auto repair if you’re noticing poor gas mileage, the vehicle pulling to one side of the road, dirtier than normal filter or unusual noises coming from the vehicle. It may also be time to schedule service if your oil change is coming due, it is time to schedule a coolant flush or your vehicle is due for inspection. Electrical problems are also an indication that you need the help of a service tech. When you face these and other issues, you need a service center you can trust.

Comprehensive List of Auto Repair Services

Tracy Volkswagen has a service department that offers a comprehensive list of auto repair services. You can trust our service techs to handle everything from a routine oil change service to alignments, brake services and coolant flushes. We handle most types of auto repair and maintenance, and we will get your car back to you quickly, putting you back on the road in no time.

Auto Repair from Qualified Technicians

At Tracy Volkswagen, our auto technicians are Volkswagen factory-trained and certified professionals. They understand the intricacies of modern vehicles and can complete repairs accurately and quickly. We give our people the right parts to complete your repair to the highest quality standard. To help with this, we use OEM parts on our vehicles whenever possible, so you can be confident that the repairs will be done right. While we specialize in Volkswagen vehicles, we service many other makes and models as well.

Schedule Auto Repair with Tracy Volkswagen Today

You need a working vehicle to get to and from work, school, and family responsibilities. When yours is in need of repair, you need to know that you have found a repair center that will do the repair well and get your car back to you quickly. If you’re in or near Stockton, CA, that level of fast, reliable auto repair near is just a phone call away. For quality repair services using the right parts and equipment, call Tracy Volkswagen service center to schedule a service appointment.

Buying New vs. Used: Which Choice Is Right for You?

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Buying New vs. Used: Which Choice Is Right for You?

Finance Your New or Used Vehicle at Tracy Volkswagen

At Tracy Volkswagen, we are ready to help you decide whether buying new or pre-owned is a better option for you. Our finance experts will talk with you about your buying preferences and budget to help you feel confident in your purchase. Stop in today to learn more!

Buying a New Volkswagen

Buying a new Volkswagen has many benefits. Some of these include being able to purchase a vehicle that no one else has ever driven before. As the first owner and driver, you will get to experience the vehicle firsthand before anyone else has used it. You also have the luxury to make upgrades or changes as you see fit. Some things to keep in mind when considering buying new include:

Do You Have a Down Payment or a Trade-In with Equity?

If you have a good credit score or a quality trade-in vehicle, you may be able to purchase with a lower or no down payment. This is because many manufacturers offer incentives for new cars that are not available in the used-car market. You can find these in the form of cash incentives, rebates, and discounted financing.

Is It Easier to Maintain a New Vehicle?

The great news about buying a new Volkswagen is that everything on the vehicle is in its prime. There are no used parts or high mileage. Since the Volkswagen will be in its infancy, the cost to maintain it or make repairs can be relatively low if you keep up with routine maintenance like regular oil changes and tire rotations.

Looking for Quality Used Cars Near Stockton?

Buying a used Volkswagen or other pre-owned model can be a great option for you for many reasons. Since a used vehicle has been previously owned, the bulk of the depreciation has already happened. And at Tracy Volkswagen near Stockton, you can get a used car for a great value. Plus, since used vehicles typically cost less than new vehicles, you may be able to pay your loan off more quickly, depending on what your monthly payments look like. In addition, you can enjoy lower insurance premiums. For more information, visit our used car dealership near Stockton today.

Visit Our Volkswagen Finance Center in Stockton, CA

Whether you’re looking for a well-maintained used vehicle or have your heart set on a new Volkswagen, head to Tracy Volkswagen to test-drive your vehicle of choice. We look forward to seeing you soon!

How does Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) work in Volkswagen vehicles?

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With their powerful engines and precise steering, Volkswagen vehicles deliver an exhilarating driving experience. The driving dynamics of select VW models are also aided by the Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) system, which provides excellent handling and superb ride comfort. View here to learn how the DCC system works. www.vwtracy.com

Happy Labor Day Weekend from Tracy Volkswagen

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Happy Labor Day title and an American flag
Are you looking for something fun and interesting to do for 2019 Labor Day Weekend? Come to www.vwtracy.com to save thousands of dollars on new and used cars.

What is the Volkswagen Treffen Highway 1 Cruise?

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Volkswagen vehicles driving on the Pacific coast for the 2019 Treffen Highway 1 Cruise
With its decades of rich automotive history and its lineup of iconic cars, Volkswagen attracts many passionate automotive enthusiasts around the world. A good example of this is the annual Treffen Highway 1 Cruise, in which VW owners journey from the Canadian to the Mexican border, enjoy the scenic Pacific coast, and meet with other VW enthusiasts.  www.vwtracy.com

5 Financing Tips for Buying with Bad Credit at Tracy Volkswagen

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No Credit? Written with a hand and sharpie

Bad Credit Financing Tips for Buyers Near Tracy California

Purchasing a vehicle with bad credit can be a trying ordeal. It’s hard to get decent interest rates or a good payment plan going when banks don’t seem willing to work with you, and that’s why we at Volkswagen of Tracy have put together a small list of tips to help! We understand how difficult it is to get a vehicle at the best of times, and so want to make it easier at the worst. Continue reading below to learn more!

1. Check the Current Average Interest Rate

Generally, you should expect to have a higher than the average interest rate when you’re looking for loans with a bad credit score. That’s just how it is, unfortunately. We recommend that you check the average rate for all loans, good or bad, before buying anything. A bit higher than average is expected, but rates that are double or more than the average should be immediately questioned.

2. Make a Larger Down Payment

A larger down payment can solve many of the problems that you might face, as well as cover interest, taxes, fees, and more! You’ll also be able to widen the selection of vehicles you can choose from when you make a large down payment, so doing so is a great idea!

3. Figure out What you can Afford

You can’t overestimate what you can afford, even to get a better car. You need to consider how much money you’ll have left over after paying your bills and even then, leave a bit left over. The common consensus is that your car payments should never break 20 percent of your take-home income, and less is always better. You never know when an emergency might come up!

Credit report and loan application that reads rejected

Two people looking at a document about to sign

4. Skip the Extra Details

Don’t take any of the premium features you might have otherwise wanted. You’ll save money if you skip on getting leather seats, a sunroof, premium sound systems, and more. You need a vehicle to get from point A to point B and do it reliably and without going over what you can afford.

5. Read all the Paperwork

Another recommendation we have is that you read all the paperwork you’re offered. While you can trust the agents at Volkswagen of Tracy to always act in your best interest, there are some unsavory characters out there. Always make sure to read all documents carefully, no matter their sources, and to sign the papers only once you see that the terms are exactly what the dealership agreed to. Never drive away without signing either, always make sure you see the papers, read them, and then sign them.

These are just five of many tips that you can employ to make sure you get the best deal possible when purchasing a vehicle with bad credit! To learn more about what you can do, or to talk to our finance department, contact us today!

What Trim Levels are Available on the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas?

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2019 Volkswagen Atlas exterior rear shot at sunrise parked at a beach cliff as a family heads towards the water

Trim Comparisons of the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas

The new 2019 Volkswagen Atlas is a vehicle that offers a size that fits all, giving big families all the space and power that they’ll need while on and off the road! It offers amazing features across its many great trims, giving you a ton of options for you to enjoy! Continue reading to learn more about this excellent model and its trims and just what it can offer!

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Trim Levels and Features

Trims: S Trim V6 S Trim SE Trim SE w/Technology R-Line Trim SEL Trim SEL R-Line Trim SEL Premium w/4MOTION® Trim
Starting MSRP: $30,895 $34,095 $35,495 $39,425 $41,395 $43,345 $48,395
Engine: 2.0-liter Engine 3.6-liter V6 Engine 3.6-liter V6 Engine 3.6-liter V6 Engine 3.6-liter V6 Engine 3.6-liter V6 Engine 3.6-liter V6 Engine
Horsepower: 235 Horsepower 276 Horsepower 276 Horsepower 276 Horsepower 276 Horsepower 276 Horsepower 276 Horsepower
Additional Features: Blind Spot Monitor & Front Assist All features of the S trim as well as 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive and more. All features of V6 S trim as well as Climatronic® 3-Zone Climate control and more. All features of the SE trim as well as Remote Start, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and more. All features of the previous trims as well as a Panoramic Sunroof, Park Distance Control, and more. All features of previous trims as well as Leatherette Seating Surfaces, Heated Front Seats, and more. All features of previous trims as well as an Overhead View Camera (Area View), VW Digital Cockpit, and more!

2019 Volkswagen Atlas dash and wheel

2019 Volkswagen Atlas seats side view

Test Drive the Volkswagen Atlas in Tracy Volkswagen

The new 2019 Volkswagen Atlas has a ton of excellent trims and features as you can see from the table above. Each of its available trims offers great performance, excellent technology features, and a ton of comfort and security! Prices range, as seen, but you’re guaranteed to get a ton for your buck!

To learn more about the new 2019 Volkswagen Atlas and what it offers, or to take it for a test drive, contact our dealership today!

Trim Levels of the 2019 Volkswagen Golf

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2019 Volkswagen Golf parked outside

2019 Volkswagen Golf Trim Comparison

If you’re looking for a vehicle that offers a ton of amazing features and technologies, taking your drive to the next level and beyond, look no further than the 2019 Volkswagen Golf! This excellent vehicle offers a ton of amazing systems across its two trims! What are these trims and what do they offer you? That’s what we’ll be showcasing today!

Continue reading to learn more about what these two trims offer you in terms of their many excellent technologies and features!

Trims: Golf S Golf SE
Standard Wheel Types: 15-inch Alloy Wheels 16-inch Split-V Alloy Wheels
Standard Seating Materials Cloth Seating Surfaces V-Tex Leatherette Seating Surfaces
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) $21,845 $24,145
Interior Touchscreen Composition Color Touchscreen Sound System with 6.5” Color Display and AM/FM Radio Composition Media Touchscreen Sound System with 8-inch Display, AM/FM/HD Radio, MP3/WMA-Compatible CD Player

Test Drive the Volkswagen Golf in Kingston NY

As you can see from the table above, the new 2019 Volkswagen Golf has two excellent trims for you to pick from. The two offer excellent seating materials, a rather low starting MSRP, and a great touchscreen system with a ton of benefits for you to enjoy. There are differences between them, as to be expected. The Volkswagen Golf SE offers upgrades over the Golf S trim in just about every way. It offers a slightly larger wheel type as well as an upgraded and improved seating material and touchscreen compared to the Golf S trim.

2019 Volkswagen Golf seat view

2019 Volkswagen Golf sunroof

The Volkswagen Golf overall has many excellent features that appear on both its trims. One of which is the excellent available SiriusXM® All Access system, a system that offers music, sports, talk shows, and other excellent entertainment. This system comes in a variety of forms across the trims of the 2019 Volkswagen Golf, but you’re guaranteed to enjoy it any way you get it.

To learn more about the amazing Volkswagen Golf and what it offers you, or to take it for a test drive yourself, contact our dealership today!

Volkswagen Hires a Marketing Chief to Watch

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One hopes, anyway. While marketing won’t save you from a roadside breakdown (it might, in a roundabout way, get you into that situation), it nonetheless exists on the periphery of the automotive realm, subtly impacting sales. If a campaign is successful, the impact might be more than subtle. If it’s bad, the automaker is suddenly open to jokes and criticism.

Then the PR types in the comms department go to work.

One company that’s seen plenty of action in both departments in the recent past is Volkswagen. If you’re unfamiliar with this obscure German brand, you may remember it as the company selling “clean diesel” cars with fantastic fuel economy a number of years back. With that scandal now fading in the rear-view, the effort to rebrand the company as a receptive steward of the earth is well underway. And the man who’ll lead that charge in America is Saad Chehab, former communications dude for Kia Motors America.

Chehab, 52, who left Kia in June, has appeared at VW of America as the brand’s senior vice-president of marketing. Before his stint at Kia, Chebab held the position of president and CEO of the Chrysler brand.

It was during his time at Chrysler that Chehad, prodded by former Fiat Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne, came up with the idea to tie rapper Eminem (then a recording artist and not a virtual recluse) with the sort-of new Chrysler 200, all set against a prideful Detroit backdrop. You recall the “Imported from Detroit” Super Bowl commercial, right?

Saad’s your guy.

Now, the exec will attempt to distance VW from its recent role as massive lawbreaker and polluter extraordinaire while affixing a green halo over the brand. Or will he? While it would make sense to craft a whole new image for the automaker (something which will likely occur) given that there’s a crop of electric vehicles inbound, a recent commercial from the brand laid bare the company’s wrongdoings. So unexpected was the ad, we wrote about it here. It was brave and manipulative at the same time.

With Chehab hanging his name outside the office door on August 19th, we await to see what marketing coup the new arrival crafts for the brand. As for VW itself, the automaker fueled its U.S. comeback with a brace of crossovers (one new, the other larger and improved) and a beefier yet still cheap Jetta.

As other automakers shed sales in the big volume chill, VW is reclaiming lost ground. Through the end of July, the brand recorded a 6.1 percent sales gain in the United States, with the Jetta posting a 43 percent YTD gain. The midsize Atlas posted a 31 percent hike, with the Tiguan not far behind it at 25 percent.